Some rules of etiquette based on common sense are essencial between civilized people and shows mutual respect for one another.  


On the Phone      


I rarely answer unidentified numbers. For a question of trust, and to make it easier for me to provide you with a more personalised conversation experience, I ask that you always contact me with an identified number.I understand that you may want to keep your personal number secret, and that is perfectly fine, but in that case my suggestion is that you get an extra SIM-card for the more secret part of your life. It is safer for you, and me.    


On Booking      


Try to make your bookings as much in advance as possible. This will allow me to confirm availability with you and to update my calendar as well, for the benefit of all.  Of course I will always try to accomodate any last minute reservations, but they are subject to my day to day schedules as I make them in reflection of my booking calendar.    


On Delays and Cancellations      


Unexpected events in our lives may cause delays, that is perfectly normal, but if you are expecting to be delayed by more than 10 minutes please take the consideration to warn me so that I'm not left in the dark wondering. If you are expecting to be delayed by more than 20 minutes, please call me to see if I can shift my schedule to accomodate that delay or if we need to re-shedule to another time. If you need to cancel an appointment, do so as soon as possible so that I can also adapt to that unexpected situation.      

Normally these situations are few and far apart, but they are very uncomfortable, and though I'm very understanding, if there is a good reason, avoid making them a habit.      

If you give me no warning whatsoever, you better have a very good excuse the next time you contact me, or you are better off not contacting me at all. My trust is earned in time but can be lost suddenly if I get to consider you as an untrustworthy person.        

As a rule of thumb, don't ever be early as well, I'm never ready earlier than the appointed time, so you'll probably be waiting for a while. And finally, in case I ask you to, always give me a confirmation call before the deadline I give you. If you don't then we'll probably need to reschedule.  


On Meeting    


Don't be shy to ask for and take a shower if you feel like it. Never let personal hygiene be an issue, before or after.  I love to start by taking a bath together. ;-)

Intimately I like many things as you may see on services page but don't assume anything, as everything is dependant of context and affinity You have more to gain from being gentle, kind and polite than from being a demanding cocky prick.      

If you would like to extend our time together please tell me so and provide the donation for the time you would like to spend.

I do not partake in drugs of any kind, so if you offer them, do them or have them on you, our meeting will come to a sudden end, with little chance of resuming on a later occasion. Drinking is fine and can be fun in moderation, but drunkenness will get you nothing more that a quick goodbye.      


I hope these simple and common sense rules are well understood. If so, we'll have a wonderful and relaxing time together.